Monday, April 26, 2010

If my counting down is correct, my course begins in 5 weeks!
It's always hard to keep a consistant program going when the weather constantly flip-flops...but I'll also admit to being terrible about sticking to my own schedual.
Tucker is taking a break from lessons these days, and it's made it nice to be able to pick up where we left off when I pull him from the pasture. Our last few rides this past week have been short, but very sweet. As our trip approaches I'd like to increase our ride time, mostly for physical fitness, but above all keep playing fun and interesting instead of a chore.
Number one priority from here on out is extreme friendly with the horse trailer. Tuck has been nervus about it since he's been here...maybe partially because I'm nervus about it?? I never think it's fair when people have horses that just load up and go. I constantly have Pat running through my head though saying, "DON'T wait until you're late for the show!!". Prior and proper preparation, I am counting on to help us out.